Target Groups

  • Road Transport
  • Logistics
  • Passenger Transport
  • Civil Construction
  • Agribusiness

Course Outline

This program aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to administer the implementation of Fatigue Management strategies as required by the new Fatigue Management Reform.


9-hour group session

Trainer / Participant Ratio

1:10 (minimum)

Course Objectives

Participants are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage personal fatigue when in control of a heavy vehicle. Such as:

  • Recognising signs of fatigue;
  • Implementation of strategies to minimise fatigue.

Participants involved in the coordination of drivers will also cover the following;

  • Monitor the implementation of fatigue management strategies;
  • Recognise breaches of fatigue management policies, procedures and regulations;
  • Develop and assess staff competence in fatigue management;
  • Provide feedback to employees on any shortcomings in fatigue management skills and knowledge;
  • Report on the implementation of fatigue management policy.


Training conducted in this course aligns to the following units of competence from the TLI16 Transport & Logistics Training Package.
TLIF2010 Apply Fatigue Management Strategies.
TLIF3063 Administer the Implementation of Fatigue management Strategies

Course Pricing

Full Fee: $395.00

VTG: $210.00

VTG Concession: $70.00

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