Target Groups

  • Agribusiness
  • Recreational
  • Road Transport
  • Logistics
  • Passenger Transport
  • Civil Construction
  • Any other user

Course Outline

This course aims to increase the safety margin of ATV operators and decrease vehicle operating costs through the application of skills appropriate to all terrain vehicles.


1 full day

Trainer / Participant Ratio

1:6 Maximum


An Aust-Link Certificate of Attendance will be issued to each participant.


  • How ATV’s operate
  • Ascent and decent
  • Fording and wading
  • Attitude and professional operation
  • Gear ratios and their uses
  • Relevant road law and regulations
  • Techniques for hazardous situations
  • Systematic riding skills
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance
  • Defensive riding techniques
  • Correct steering, braking and gear changing techniques

Course content and location of training coordinated by Aust-Link Pty Ltd.

Course Pricing

Full Fee: $450.00

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